Thank You Bonus Program

Small Business Dream has pretty passionate users as a result of the massive increase in sales a typical Small Business creates with the Small Business Dream software. 

We like to reward those passionate users who share the advantages of Small Business Dream with others by making available to them a simple Thank You bonus!

Refer us to others who can benefit and if they purchase and stay with us for a minimum of 3 months, we will send you a check for $50, or you can let your Thank You bonuses accumulate until you request them, or they can even be used to cover the cost of your own Small Business Dream system.

You can request a payment at anytime and even set your payment settings to automate your payments each month.  We will initiate payments each month on the 15th or when the 15th lands on a weekend, the Monday following.

Your Thank You bonuses will accumulate in the currency earned and you can exchange them for the currency of your choice for withdrawal in your back office.

Please do not SPAM as it will lead to forfiture of any Accumulated Referral Commissions and potential Termination of your Small Business Dream account without refund.