Sales Person Dream 

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How Can SalesPersonDream Help?

Whether you are an inside Salesperson, or an Outside Salesperson, or even work in Retail sales, SalesPersonDream helps you increase your sales and commissions by helping you collect and control your personal customers information, selling more to your existing customers, following up better and automatically, and/or educating them automatically to reduce the time you require to make the sale, re-sale, or upgrade.

What do you Get?

Features of SalesPersonDream

You will find SalesPersonDream helps you all things customer related like:

  • Your Customer Database
  • Your Customer Communications
  • Educating your customers
  • Aquiring new customers
  • Feedback from your existing and potential customers



SalesPersonDream keeps me on top of all my prospects, I just love Today's Calls listing (now Action List) of all those I need to follow up with today. The Automated email constantly amazes me how I sell $25,000 software packages from an email that goes out automatically 18 months after first contact!
- Dennis W.
I went from obscurity in a Carpet store chain as a salesperson to the number one salesperson in the chain within 30 days of implementing SalesPersonDream, and my small stores sales have almost doubled as a result! Now the whole chain is looking to implement it!
- Craig P.
I love how SalesPersonDream has helped my hair salon, the automatic follow up gets us back many clients that would have otherwise gone elsewhere due to a special promotion, and our ability to do a blast to ALL our clients with a limited special to fill our chairs allows us to have very little losses due to an empty chair!
- MF.
Simply getting all my small restaurant customers to fill in a simple feedback sheet and offer the ability join our newsletter to be entered into a FREE $50 gift certificate each month has allowed us to not only get to know our customers, but load our restaurant full on our dead nights with creative specials we email out to everyone the day before. Its like magic!
- Mike O.

Pricing Details

SalesPersonDream Up to 1000 contacts, single user
SalesPersonDream $99.99 up to 2500 contacts, single user license and "mentoring" function allowing you to connect to other SalesPersonDream Licenses to oversee your Sales Team.
SalesPersonDream Services Want professional help to fully customize and set up your SalesPersonDream for maximum benefit, we can help with our optional Service packages.

  • $29.99
  • SalesPersonDream
  • 1000 contacts
  • Single user license
  • Add/Search Contacts
  • Email Series
  • Website Backend
  • 24x7 Support
  • GET SD
  • Contact
  • Custom
  • Want professional help to fully customize and set up your SalesPersonDream
  • for maximum benefit? We can help with our optional Service packages.