About Us

Small Business Dream is an Online Software Product and Mobile Application developed by InternetNextStep.com Consulting Ltd. a software company started in 1998 to service the e-commerce marketplace.

It was developed due to our own needs.  We found existing CRM software was very complicated and made so much busy work for the user that Small Business owners and salespeople alike seemed to do just about anything to avoid using it.  Owners had to push their Managers and Sales Managers to even use the software that was supposed to be helping the company increase its revenues.  

We decided to build our own.  Something that focussed ONLY on increasing Small Business revenues and took all the busy work out.  Our sales team LOVED it.  It turns out that other Small Businesses and Sales Teams are loving it too!

With a backend that has had over $5,000,000 invested in it to be stable, true, and highly scalable, Small Business Dream is not just any other thrown together Web and Mobile application.