Real Estate

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The contact management, Today’s Calls listing, and email follow up will be your best friend as a real estate agent.

Imagine each prospect you have all in one place with the ability to take notes after each point of contact, remember birthdays, anniversaries, and pertinent details.  The ability to set your next follow up date so all you do each day is take a look at your Today’s Calls list and start to dial and take notes. 

Oops, Voicemail?  No problem click the handy “Left a Message” button and your prospect will be set for follow up automatically in 3 days, and they will be sent an email letting them know you tried to contact them.  You will be surprised how many reply to that email vs. actually calling you back.  It is extremely efficient and moves the sales process along much more quickly!


Using the survey to add a new prospect to your system and send them an immediate email thanking them for their time the day you met them.  With creative use of the survey you could also automatically start to educate them by way of custom email series based upon what they are looking for in real estate.

Sample Survey questions could be:

  1. What area are you most interested in? (You would customize these answers to fit the are you are active in but the following examples would be for Vancouver, BC, Canada )
    1. Yaletown
    2. Coal harbor
    3. West end
    4. North Vancouver
    5. West Vancouver
    6. South Vancouver
  2. What is your price range?
    1. Under $250,000
    2. $250,000 - $350,000
    3. $350,000 - $450,000
    4. $450,000 - $600,000
    5. $600,000 - $800,000
    6. $800,000 - $1,000,000
    7. $1,000,000 - $1,500,000
    8. $1,500,000 - $2,000,000
    9. $2,000,000 - $3,000,000
    10. $3,000,000 - $5,000,000
    11. $5,000,000 - $10,000,000
    12. $10,000,000+
  3. What kind of property are you looking for?
    1. Bachelor
    2. 1 bedroom condo
    3. 1 bedroom and den condo
    4. 2 bedroom condo
    5. 2 bedroom and den condo
    6. 3 bedroom condo
    7. 3 bedroom and den condo
    8. 4 bedroom condo
    9. 4 bedroom and den condo
    10. 1 bedroom single detached house
    11. 1 bedroom and den single detached house
    12. 2 bedroom single detached house
    13. 2 bedroom and den single detached house
    14. 3 bedroom single detached house
    15. 3 bedroom and den single detached house
    16. 4 bedroom single detached house
    17. 4 bedroom and den single detached house
    18. 1 bedroom single detached house
    19. 1 bedroom and den single detached house
    20. 2 bedroom single detached house
    21. 2 bedroom and den single detached house
    22. 3 bedroom single detached house
    23. 3 bedroom and den single detached house
    24. 4 bedroom single detached house
    25. 4 bedroom and den single detached house
  4. What condition of a property are you looking for
    1. New from plan
    2. New ready to move in
    3. Previously owned but good shape
    4. Fixer upper
  5. What is the purpose of your property?
    1. Home
    2. Rental
    3. Flip
    4. Renovate and sell
  6. How did you hear about me?
    1. Referral from a friend
    2. Referral from another real estate agent
    3. Radio ad
    4. TV ad
    5. Bus stop ad
    6. Magazine ad
    7. Internet ad
    8. Google


SalesPersonDream Email Newsletter Engine

You could do a weekly or monthly newsletter to all you contacts who have opted in, keeping them abreast of new listings you have, great general information on the health of the market, and any other information you can provide to add value and have them learn that you truly ARE the industry leader and that when the timing is right they should use you.  More than that, they can become active hunters for referrals for you based on your broad knowledge of an area and the industry as a whole.  Let your professionalism shine through with your monthly newsletter.

SalesPersonDream Sales Funnel

On top of gaining all this info from the survey when you first meet a client whether by phone or in person, you could also use the sales funnel as a way to introduce yourself to clients far away or to other agents that want to send you their clients from other areas and you work out a commission split with them, and of course the all-important happy client referrals.

Your sales funnel could be set with the first page showing your picture and maybe a few recent sales or current listings, and a little about yourself.  The video introduction page would just be you in a fireside chat format explaining where you specialize and how you can help and letting the client get to know a bit about you to make it a personal connection.

The survey page could remain as described above so you instantly know what they are looking for.

Then of course the final page tells them more about you and shows listings you may have available, and links to any other tools you use to help people research but still stay connected to you.

You could utilize a "gateway" page (a page that sits in front of the 4 page sales funnel) to pitch yourself to other agents that need your help and explain you have this great system for them to share with their prospective referrals in order to build the comfort level. This page after explaining your referral offer and the system would then offer a link to the actual sales funnel as described above for them to see how you would introduce yourselves as a first step with their prospective referrals..

Automated Email Follow Up

Then you make a number of email series to educate based on answers to the survey.  For example you could automatically subscribe them to a series on 1 bedroom condos that you currently have listings for, area available or you like to show.

You should also always include important and helpful information in each email so you continue to add value and create rapport... You could put some stats, or you could put info like suggesting when buying a condo you insist on 2 years of strata reports to look at to confirm no special assessment’s coming your way soon after buying!  Add value to all your communications and people will look forward to our next email vs. removing themselves as soon as they get your constants ales pressure.

You could have a different series to enter anybody who wants to refer you people.

You could have series based upon what are they are interested in.

You could add helpful moving tips into your series for even more value.

You could have a different series you put folks that purchased from you in.  It could start by thanking them, then follow up in three months making sure they are happy, then again each year for ten years or more simply checking in, looking for referrals, and offering help if they are planning to move again!

Imagine your own little website to share with all prospects combined with the ability to run your own newsletter, full information on each client and notes taken since first contact, AND  automated email follow up for as little as $29.99/month!