Inside Sales - Flooring

As a client comes into your store and you start to serve them, simply pop open the Mobile Application, click the "Add contact by Survey Button", and start saving time and serving your potential customers better!

You can configure the survey to collect the information you need to know about a prospect, far beyond Name, Address and Phone Number.

Lets say you sell flooring. You could make one of your survey questions, "What type of Flooring are you interested in?"  Your answers could be Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate, Lynoleum, and Tile.

You could ask them about their time frame to purchase, their budget, how they heard about you, the sky is the limit as to the pertinant information you would like to have on your customer.

Keep in mind, you are filling this in on your phone as you stand their talking to them about the products they are interested.  No wasted time.

Then the magic happens, they will be automatically entered into a general Follow Up email Series to initially thank them for taking the time to visit your store today, AND based upon their answers to your survey questions, you can automatically subscribe them to additional automated email series (with their permission of course as we don't want to be spammers!) which could then educate them on the particulate options available in the flooring types they are interested in.

In todays SmartPhone world, they will often feel their phone Buzz as they leave your store, or EVEN when standing beside you still.  That makes an impression!

It gets better, it won't just send them an email today, you can have it continue to follow up with them on their visit with you to check in on their progress on their project gently reminding them you are there for them the second they are ready to make a decision, as well as continue to educate them on the flooring type they were interested in as often as you like for as long as you like.

You will be surprised how many more sales you make with automation, but even more surprising will be how many more LITTLE sales you make!  The big ones you already likely follow up on, but who follows up on a $500 area rug?  SalesPersonDream DOES!  Imagine if you got just 25% of all your under $1000 jobs to come through, the ones you do not waste your time on following up with now as they seem just too small!

We have a carpet salesperson using the system now and on his $80,000 a month in sales, he is convinced that month after month he gets $15,000 to $20,000 in SMALL sales he used to just ignore!

After the Sale

Imagine now going to the next step, AFTER sale care.  You can have a series you enter them into AFTER the sale is done thanking them for their business and asking if everything is ok, oh and maybe hey, by the way, did you need an area rug for that hardwood floor?

A few months out you could ask them if they know anybody that may be in need of flooring and maybe offer a $100 gift certificate to your store on any order over $500 just for sharing your information.

You can make series of follow up to handle all kinds of mundane things you would normally just ignore.  This makes you the Follow UP expert and the best customer service on the planet in your customers eyes.

You will be amazed how many communicate back to you by email thanking you profusely for your amazing service and letting you know they are ready to make a purchase.

Truckload Sale!

Imagine with us yet again, you get a truckload of Area Rugs in on a super special buy, with the flick of a button and a few lines of text, you can BLAST an email out to your ENTIRE customer base that loves your follow up, offering a SPECIAL on area rugs, on Thursday (pick your slowest day in the slowest time of the month).  Our client did this and sold $4000 worth of area rugs when he was very new with SalesPersonDream and only had 182 contacts in his system!

See, truly can be a SalesPersonDream

PS>  This carpet sales client went from complete obscurity as a salesperson in a chain of 183 stores, working at the smallest store in the chain, to being the NUMBER 1 Salesperson in the entire chain, and DOUBLING the sales of the little store he works in.