Inside Salespeople - General

As a client comes into your store and you start to serve them, simply pop open the Mobile Application, click the "Add contact by Survey Button", and start saving time and serving your potential customers better!

You can configure the survey to collect the information you need to know about a prospect, far beyond Name, Address and Phone Number.  Lets say you sell flooring. You could make one of your survey questions, "What type of Flooring are you interested in?"  Then the magic happens, based upon their answer, you can automatically subscribe them to some automated email series (with their permission of course as we don't want to be spammers!) which could then educate them on the particulate options available in the flooring types they are interested in.

It gets better, it won't just send them an email today, you can have it continue to follow up with them on that flooring type as often as you like for as long as you like.  You will be amazed how many communicate back tou you by email thanking you profusely for your amazing service and letting you know they are ready to make a purchase.